Adventures in Mexico – Part II – Mexican Insurance!

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Ensenada Zipline Adventure

Mexican Insurance – Adventures in Mexico – Part II

Trekking off the beaten path in Mexico can take your next Mexican vacation to new heights. Not only are there an abundance of top destinations across the country, but there equally as many different adventure types to choose from. When celebrations across the country subside (which they do only on occasion), we invite you to raise your level of play to enjoy some of the many adventures in Mexico that are available.

Set New Paths in the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve.

Those thrill seekers who are slowed down by guides and bored to tears following a start to finish tour will find just what the doctor ordered when exploring the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve. Grab a backpack, a compass, and fill the canteen because adventures in these woods are created for those resilient enough to endure the wilds of Mexico.

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Adventure in Huasteca.

Located in south Central Mexico, Huasteca adventures are made for those that seek natural thrills. From rock climbing and rafting to mountain biking and waterfall watching, getting to your destination is not nearly as important as the road traveled along the way.

Commune with Nature in the Cuatro Ciinegas Reserve.

Why imagine swimming in a natural lagoon when you can make the most of your backstroke in the Cuatro Ciinegas Reserve. In a few of the underground rivers of the Cuatro Ciinegas Reserve swimming is allowed and it takes place in some of the most breath-taking surroundings. So, leave your sunblock but remember to pack your towel as you bask in the sun following your time in these natural waters.

Yucatans Celestzn Biosphere Reserve.

Since we were already talking about swimming in nature and hiking, we thought we wouldd let you in on the beautiful secret known as Yucatans Celestzn Biosphere Reserve. With more than 320 species of birds alone here which include flamingos, egrets and more. This heavenly location is where birds go for the winter, and you should too. Not only is the weather still divine, but even more fun loving friends are around to make your vacation a truly special one.

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