Mexican Insurance And Pollution In Mexico City!

Stereotypes exist about pretty much every major city on the planet. For instance, theres a persistent stereotype that says that New Yorkers are unbearably rude. If you were to try and think up a single stereotype about Mexico City, it would probably involve its pollution. To be sure, pollution in this city, which boasts a population of more than 20 million people, used to be terrible. In recent years, a lot has been done to improve the situation. If you are thinking about buying Mexican insurance at and driving down, you really ought to educate yourself about the real environmental situation in this part of the world. More than anything, you shouldn’t allow worries about pollution to keep you away. Just buy your Mexico insurance online, pack up the car and head south.

All about Smog

Anyone who has ever flown into Mexico City can attest that there is a persistent layer of smog over the city. It is also apparent from the ground, of course, but it is much more dramatic when viewed from afar. The reason for this is that the city is located in a deep valley. Pollution that is generated has no where to go. Of course, you wont be flying into Mexico City, instead, you will use the best quality Mexican insurance companies so that you can drive down safely. Dont forget that youll also need Mexican Auto Insurance to get back home.

A Problem on the Mend

Pollution in Mexico City reached its pinnacle during the 1980s; that is when the city earned its reputation for being highly polluted. Most famously, the sidewalks were once strewn with dead birds. It was widely agreed that the phenomenon was caused by the hideous air quality in the city. That event, among others, prompted action. A huge number of highly polluting companies were moved out of the city. The famous driving system, which only allows certain vehicles on the road on any given day, was also put into effect. Today, the situation is a million times better than it was.

Gauging Air Quality in Mexico City

You dont have to sit around wondering about what’s going on with Mexico Citys air quality. The IMECA or Metropolitan Index for Air Quality issues a daily air quality number. As long as the number stays below 170 or so, you shouldnt have anything to worry about. When it creeps above that number, which is rare, people are advised not to participate in outdoor activities. The most polluted time of the year in the city is in the spring, when dry, hot weather exacerbates the issue. In general, though, you shouldn’t let a little pollution keep you away. Mexican insurance and pollution in Mexico City! If you want to know more on spring season, then check out URL.

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