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Mapfre Mexican Auto Insurance Company - Founded in 1933, Mapfre is the largest insurance company in Spain and the largest property and casualty insurance company in Latin America. Mapfre Insurance Group is a global insurer and reinsurer who specializes in international automobile insurance, travel, and roadside assistance services in 42 countries. In January 2008 the Mapfre Group of insurance, reinsurance and assistance companies had over 2,300 branches and over 32,000 employees in these countries. Mapfre is the parent company of Seguros Tepeyac S.A., Mexico, D.F. Mexican insurance, which has "A" ratings in Mexico. As of 2012, Mapfre has over 54 Billion Euros in Total Assets.

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View MAPFRE Standard Policy wording with Premium Roadside Assistance (In Spanish)

Mapfre Mexican car InsuranceCurrently, Mapfre boasts strong ratings for financial strength and claims paying ability. It has an A- rating from A.M. Best, an A+ rating from Standard and Poor's and an A1 rating from Moody's.

Mapfre S. A. offers high global ratings from Standard and Poors, A. M. Best for financial strength and claims paying ability (As of 2007).

  • A for financial stability: A.M. Best
  • A (Excellent) for financial strength: Standard and Poors

Mapfre is the parent company of Seguros Tepeyac S.A., Mexico, D.F., which has excellent Mexico car insurance ratings in Mexico. Tepeyac has exhibited exceptional growth coupled with stability and is currently listed among the top ten Mexican auto insurance companies in Mexico, with more than $2.5 billion MXP in premiums written to date. For this reason, travelers who want to buy quality Mexican insurance coverage can easily find what they need through the company.

A.M. Best has given high Mexico car insurance ratings to Tepeyac and Mapfre for its prospects in the future. This is important because Mexico car insurance policies that are written today may not generate any claims for considerable periods of time. Consumers need to buy Mexican insurance from a provider that has exhibited financial strength and security.

Like many Mexico car insurance companies, Mapfre is continually updating and changing its business plan. A.M. Best has deemed the Mexican insurance provider's plan to be reasonable, which is yet another sign of its ongoing financial stability and strength. The provider's plans for the future are considerably enhanced by its relationship with its parent company, Mapfre, which has a very good reputation in the industry.

It should be noted that Tepeyac's investment portfolio is also solid. It's contingency and technical reserves are adequately backed up by that portfolio, which also demonstrates the Mexican auto insurance provider's ability to pay claims. The company also has a very strong BCAR or Best's Capital Adequacy Rating. A.M. Best has predicted that Tepeyac will continually improve upon its already exceptional ratio of adjusted Mexico car insurance policyholder surplus and net premiums written.

Mapfre Mexican Insurance Roadside Assistance Furthermore, the Mexico car insurance competition that Mapfre and Tepeyac face down in Mexico is fierce. To stay strong and competitive, Tepeyac must continually work to see what its top Mexican insurance competitors are doing and act accordingly.

All told, it is clear that Tepeyac is a solid option for people who are traveling to Mexico. There are many insurance providers who offer this type of coverage, and many are unrated. Financial strength and stability make Mapfre - and, in turn, Tepeyac - excellent options for anyone who is going to be driving in Mexico.

There's no need to wait until you're in Mexico to buy Mapfre Mexican auto insurance. Mexican Insurance Store now offers Mapfre/Tepeyac Mexico car insurance policies online. You can quote, buy and print a great policy without leaving home.

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