You Need to Check Mexican Insurance Reviews for Your Mexican Road Trip

Senor Mex says: It’s refreshing to see so many posts and articles about people heading to Mexico for road trips. One thing that seems to be overlooked much of the time is checking Mexican Insurance Reviews at Mexican Insurance Of course, it’s possible that people are buying policies and simply not talking about them. It’s also possible that they’re comparing Mexican Insurance Reviews and then buying coverage at the border, where they’re being charged too much and possibly even getting ripped off. The one thing I know is that you should always go online to look for Mexican Insurance Reviews in order to buy coverage before you head across the border.

Claudette’s Corner Post

“You can’t beat Wikipedia for an explanation of just about anything. Today my friends and I went to to see the Guachimontones (Circular Pyramids). Here’s what Wikipedia says about that area. ‘Los Guachimontones (alternatively Huachimontones) is a prehispanic archaeological site near the Mexican town of Teuchitlán in the state of Jalisco about an hour west of Guadalajara. It is the major site of the so-called Teuchitlan tradition, a complex society that existed from as early as 300 BCE until perhaps 900 CE.'”

You can read the whole Claudette’s Corner post here. Go online to check Mexican Insurance Reviews and buy high-quality car insurance before you head out on your Mexican road trip.

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