You can’t Drive Legally in Mexico without Mexico Car Insurance Coverage!

If you think that you can operate a vehicle legally in Mexico without Mexico car insurance coverage, you have another thing coming. The last thing you want to do is test your theory. If you get into a car accident and don’t have valid car insurance for Mexico, you will have to go to jail. Even if the other driver is clearly at fault, the cops will lock you up until they finish investigating the matter. Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store online will keep you out of jail, and it will protect you financially too. Find out why you should never visit Mexico without Mexico car insurance coverage below.

How Else can You Prove Your Ability to Pay?

By law, you have to be able to show the cops that you can pay for any damages or injuries that you cause during an accident. That’s precisely why they always ask to see proof of car insurance for Mexico in an accident. There’s no other way to prove your ability to pay. You can’t just hand over wads of cash. That’s not going to do a thing for you. The cops might think you’re trying to bribe them, which would get you into even more trouble. Getting Mexican auto insurance online isn’t just a suggestion, it’s vital in order to prove financial responsibility instantly.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent is the Law of the Land

Back home, you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty. It’s the exact opposite down in Mexico. The cops always treat everyone like they are guilty until they are proven to be innocent. That applies to car accidents too. As a result, all drivers are treated like they are guilty after an accident. Those who don’t have Mexico car insurance coverage must be locked up until the investigation is finished. The cops have to be satisfied that the driver isn’t at fault. If he is and doesn’t have car insurance for Mexico, he will be in even hotter water.

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Stay on the Safe Side

Will you get into a car wreck while you’re down in Mexico? Hopefully not. However, there are no guarantees. Even if you are extremely careful and diligent, you could end up in an accident. If so, you better hope you have Mexican auto insurance coverage. Without it, your trip is sure to be ruined. The consequences just aren’t worth it. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t put your vacation in jeopardy. Spend the small amount that is needed to get decent coverage before you leave. You can get it online and be ready to go when you arrive.

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Driving South of the Border
Driving South of the Border

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