Who is Covered by a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy?

Before you go ahead and purchase Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store, you’re sure to have quite a few questions. People are often confused about who is actually covered by a Mexico car insurance policy. The fact of the matter is that Mexican auto insurance is not sold on a per-person basis; (at least through Mexican insurance Store.com  it is sold on a per-vehicle basis. As a result, every eligible driver of one vehicle is covered as long as a Mexico auto insurance policy has been purchased for the vehicle. Learn more about this important topic below.

One Policy per Vehicle with Mexican Insurance Store.com

If you’re only taking one car down to Mexico, you’re only going to need one Mexico auto insurance policy. Of course, you’ll need multiple policies if you’re going to caravan south of the border. Most people do what they can to take a single vehicle, though, because it’s a lot more economical to do so. You should try to carpool because it will save everyone money on things like fuel costs and tolls. Best of all, you’ll only need to buy one Mexico car insurance policy.

Eligible Drivers

In order to be covered by a Mexican Insurance Store.com policy, a person must have a valid driver’s license, be 21 or over, and have the permission of the owner from the United States or Canada. The license must include a photo of them. It can’t be expired, so make sure that everything is current. Drivers with Mexican driver’s licenses are usually not covered by these types of policies, so make sure to keep that in mind. If you have a friend who uses a Mexican driver’s license, you shouldn’t let him drive your vehicle. If an accident happens, the car might not be covered by your policy.

Save Cash With Quality Mexico Auto Insurance

There’s no denying the fact that Mexico car insurance through popular online providers such as Mexican Insurance Store.com is affordable in general. By purchasing it online, you’ll be able to save even more money. You shouldn’t have to buy more than one policy, so you can get all of the drivers to chip in to pay for it too. In the end, you should be able to get a great Mexico auto insurance policy for a very, very low price. Just remember that one policy covers one vehicle. If you’re going to have a few different vehicles with you, you’ll need to buy separate policies for each one. Who is Covered by a Mexican Insurance Store.com Policy? To know more facts on insurance, simply click this URL.

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