Where to Watch Whales in Mexico with Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Pachico’s whale watching tour, San Ignacio Lagoon

Where to Watch Whales in Mexico with Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Mid-December is the beginning of the gray whale migration from the Bering Sea as an estimated 1,500 of the creatures make the trip south to Baja and return from March to April. While the grays aren’t the only whales to be seen, this is one of the big Baja attractions of the year, making now an important time to think about issues like Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store for a planned whale-watching trip. Take care of your Mexico car insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore.com before leaving!

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Where to watch gray whales?

Because the grays are on their way to warmer waters for calving, the southern part of Baja is the ideal area to go for a whale-watching experience. Bahia Magdalena is one of the popular spots. Cabo San Lucas is also a great location for those who don’t want to do their viewing on the water. It’s helpful to note that whales can occasionally be seen much farther north in areas such as San Quintín and Ensenada. However, the hot spots are those southern locations. A driving trip to see whales should begin with high-quality Mexico car insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore.com. Expect a few days of driving each direction for a Cabo trip, and be sure to leave some leeway in your itinerary if you plan to drive during heavy tourist times. It is helpful to know that you can buy additional Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store while you are in Mexico if your policy will lapse before you leave.

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At least 20 different whale species inhabit the area near the Baja Peninsula both in the Pacific and in the Sea of Cortez. For a variety of viewing options, Bahia de los Angeles is considered a great destination. Those with extended travel plans can drive from Mexican Highway 1 to Mexican Highway 12 to reach the area. The trip is approximately 400 miles from San Ysidro, although those closer to Mexicali can travel via Mexican Highway 2 for the majority of the trip. Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store includes travel assistance, and the contact information provided is helpful in case of emergencies or in case of a need for information about area highlights.

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  • Edra Theobald
    March 1, 2015 4:33 pm

    Whales are not just the largest sea mammals but simply the largest mammals on earth. Unlike the cumbersome elephants which happens to be the largest land mammals, whales have high-level of maneuverability that surprises many. San Ignatio Lagoon is such a great place to watch dancing whales. Make sure that you are safe as you surf, but also safe as you drive there by covering your car with Mexican auto insurance policy.

  • To be able to see real whales in Mexico, get an organized boat trip handled by a skilled skipper. He can show you where those big whales are.

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