When do You Need to Present Proof of Mexican Auto Insurance?

In places like the United States, you are usually asked to present proof of auto insurance any time you are stopped by the police. If you’re unable to do so, you can expect to be ticketed. While traveling in Mexico, however, things are different. You absolutely must have valid Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com at all times. However, the likelihood of actually having to produce proof of Mexican insurance is quite slim. Unlike in the U.S., the police won’t ask to see it if you are pulled over for a traffic violation. You won’t be asked for a copy of your Mexican car insurance policy at the border either. Learn more about when you can expect to show proof of Mexican auto insurance coverage below.

At the Border

The authorities at the U.S. Mexico border aren’t concerned about whether or not you have Mexican insurance. While it’s required by law, the authorities at the border have bigger fish to fry. The proliferation of shacks selling this type of coverage generally clues travelers in to the importance of Mexican auto insurance. It’s smart to buy coverage before hitting the road, though, because the shacks at the border charge too much for many times subpar Mexican car insurance. With that being said, you don’t usually have to worry about showing a copy of it when you’re at the border.

On the Streets

There are several situations in which you may come into contact with the police or other officials while you’re in Mexico. For example, military checkpoints are ubiquitous. However, the officials at military checkpoints aren’t interested in whether or not you have Mexican insurance. They’re strictly looking for signs of drug smuggling and other illegal activities. The vast majority of travelers are waved through without incident. If you’re stopped for speeding or another infraction, the cop usually won’t ask to see proof of Mexican auto insurance either.

After an Accident

The one and only time in which you absolutely need to have proof of Mexican car insurance is in the aftermath of a car accident. At that point, of course, it will be too late to go back and get a policy. There’s no way to predict if an accident will happen, which is why it’s so critical to carry valid Mexican insurance at all times. If you’re caught without Mexican auto insurance, you can expect to be taken to jail. You could also end up owing a lot of money, and you’ll have to pay it out of your own pocket.

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