Watch Out for Myths about Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage!

People often get confused when driving to Mexico. The main reason is because there are a lot of myths out there about Mexican auto insurance coverage. Some sites say you have to have it while others say that it’s just a big scam. The truth is that Mexican insurance coverage is required by law south of the border. If you go without it, you will be exposing yourself to some very unpleasant consequences. Most importantly, you could end up behind bars if you get into a car crash and don’t have valid Mexican auto insurance coverage.

Mexican insurance coverage Costs the Same Everywhere

Now that you know that Mexican car insurance by is truly necessary, the next thing you may wonder about is pricing. Some places will claim that prices are the same everywhere. That’s a total lie. Prices for this type of coverage aren’t standardized at all. One provider can charge drastically more or less than the next. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. It’s well worth it to get a quote to ensure that you’re getting the best Mexican car insurance deal possible. Why should you pay more?

It’s Better to Buy it at the Border

The border is the last place where you should buy Mexican auto insurance coverage. Those shacks have a reputation for charging higher fees foe unrated coverage, and they tend to offer extremely low-quality coverage as well. The reason they stay in business is because too many people put off buying insurance until the last possible second. They know that you have no other options at that point, so they gleefully charge whatever the market will bare. They are the winners, and everyday people are the losers. You don’t have to put up with that. Just go online instead.

Liability-Only Coverage is Fine

By law, you need to at least have liability-only coverage in Mexico. That doesn’t mean that you should stick with that. That type of coverage doesn’t protect your vehicle against damages. You could end up owing a huge amount of money. What if your car is damaged to the point where it won’t work? You’ll have to have it repaired, and you could end up forking over a whole lot of cash. For peace of mind, always get comprehensive protection when buying Mexican insurance coverage. It’s just the smart and safe way to go and the additional cost is negligible.

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