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Baja wine country provides visitors from near and far with a great over-the-border diversion. You can visit for a day or for a week. Whether you want to get out of the crazy traffic of the Inland Empire or whether you are looking for fantastic food, you will definitely want to work Mustafas Restaurant in the Valle de Guadalupe into your itinerary. Your Mexican insurance for travelers can be purchased online so that you are ready to cross the border without interruption. Although the Valle de Guadalupe is less than a couple of hours from the border, any accident can be serious if you aren’t covered by car insurance. You don’t want to miss the great food and the inspiring story of Mustafas restaurant just because of a lack of coverage. Top-rated Mexican insurance is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Mustafa Restaurant in Baja

Humble Beginnings for Mustafa

Mustafa Ali was born in Tangiers, Morocco, in 1944, moving to the United States as a youngster in 1955. He studied in California, working in the poultry industry as a young adult. He met his wife there, a Mexican woman from Tecate. The two moved to the Baja wine country in the early 1980s, initially selling grapes from the land they purchased. As the economy and the stability of the peso fluctuated, Mustafas Restaurant still wasn’t the plan. They converted their vineyards for growing carnations. This proved lucrative for a time, but as conditions changed again, the idea for Mustafas Restaurant was finally planted.

The idea of a Moroccan-Mexican restaurant may seem unusual to the newcomer, but it makes perfect sense with the innovative cuisine now developing in the Ensenada area. The couple combined their backgrounds to develop the first full-service restaurant in the Valle de Guadalupe, and the business has been thriving since. Many purchase their Mexican insurance just to make quick trips to such areas. In fact, those who love frequent getaways may select long-term Mexican insurance so that they can make as many visits to Mustafas Restaurant as they went over the course of a year.

What to Order?

You’ll find that both Moroccan and Mexican specialties are available for local residents to serve and cook. Look for Moroccan-style lamb, borrego in Spanish, or order your favorite Mexican fare. The sides are especially delicious, and you may simply want to fill up on options like chilaquiles, a tortilla chip casserole with red sauce, and cheese. Delicious! One bite, and you may want to adjust your Mexican insurance for travelers so that you can return time and time again. This is the perfect breakfast stop on a lazy weekend morning.

Reliable Mexico insurance for tourists
Mexican insurance for travelers

How to Get There with Quality Mexican Insurance for Travelers

After buying your Mexico insurance here, cross the border at San Ysidro and head south on Highway 1. Follow signs for Highway 3 to Tecate, driving approximately 10 miles on this highway to reach Mustafas Restaurant.

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