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Best Value Mexico Insurance and Top Community Choices for December Stays in Mexico

If you are driving during a November vacation, you might not want to travel to the southern part of Mexico. However, you can find some excellent community options in border regions and just a little beyond, especially if you consider Baja Norte or Sonora. Before you leave, you will want to purchase the best value Mexico insurance online. A Mexican car insurance quote for vacation from an online vendor is typically a great value financially while saving you time as you reach the border, an important factor on a short break.

Best Traveler Tip: Best value Mexico insurance is now required, so make sure you carry a policy

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Rosarito Beach vacation rental

Top Community Options in Baja

You’ll find that Baja Norte is very foreigner-friendly, especially during traditional holidays for other North American countries. For example, resorts in Rosarito and Ensenada may offer a variation on Thanksgiving dinner for U.S. residents who choose to spend their long holiday week south of the border. In addition, San Felipe has an active community of expatriates. As a result, it’s an ideal place for finding some traditional fare while also enabling you to relish the best Mexican dishes available.

If you are looking for something more relaxed, try heading down to the San Quintín Valley. First, find a small community to rent a home. Do yourself a favor, though, and find your rental online before you go so that you are sure to have a reliable place to stay. Additionally, be sure to find the best value Mexico insurance policies so that you are sure to have excellent benefits. Finally, top support services if you encounter travel troubles should be automatic.

Rocky Point – Top Sonoran Destination

The resort community of Rocky Point is also targeted for foreign tourism. This makes it a great place to relax while accessing familiar Thanksgiving flavors. If you would prefer more of a community feel to your vacation, many home rentals are also available in the area. When you’ve found your top choices for accommodations, be sure that your Mexico insurance coordinates with those dates. Your Mexican car insurance quote should take you through your entire stay in Mexico. A lapse in coverage due to an extended stay could have unintended consequences if you have an accident after the expiration of your policy.



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  • Elwood Burrill
    January 24, 2017 4:44 pm

    While it can be easy to drive without Mexico insurance, you may end up having a serious problem of not complying with Mexico law.

  • Graciela Mcpherson
    July 17, 2017 5:52 pm

    Out-of-Mexico drivers should be ready for financial liability. Any possible physical injury can be encountered during an accident.

  • Travel issues like sickness, lost passports, no Mexican insurance can frustrate your holiday vacation. Tips from your provider can deal with them easily.

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