There’s No Excuse for Driving without Mexican Auto Insurance!

If you’re involved in an accident in Mexico and can’t produce proof of Mexican auto insurance, you can expect to end up in a lot of trouble. The cops aren’t going to be swayed by any excuses you give, and that’s if you’re fluent in Spanish. Claiming to be unaware of the need for Mexican car insurance online isn’t going to do you any good. Right at the border, there are a ton of signs that warn about the importance of checking Mexican insurance rates at Mexican Insurance Store. You should know about buying Mexican auto insurance well before then.

“I Didn’t Know”

Some drivers try to plead ignorance when they are caught without Mexican car insurance online in the wake of an accident. The cops can’t take that into consideration though. After all, anyone can claim they didn’t know about they needed to buy Mexican auto insurance coverage. If they let everyone who said that off the hook, there would be no incentive to check Mexican insurance rates and buy a policy. Being unaware of a law does not absolve you of having to obey it. If you’re reading this, you already know how important it is to check Mexican car insurance online rates.

“It Expired”

All too often, people are careful to buy Mexican auto insurance but allow it to lapse while they’re south of the border. When the cops look at your Mexican car insurance online policy, they’re going to check to make sure that it’s not expired. If it is, they will treat you as if you never had this coverage in the first place. You can get quotes for Mexican insurance rates by the day, week, month or year, so there’s no excuse for allowing it to lapse while you’re in Mexico. If it’s going to expire, you can extend it too.

“I Lost It”

Finally, people sometimes try to plead with the cops by saying they lost their Mexican auto insurance policy. Once again, this isn’t going to help the situation at all. The cops have no way to check and see if you actually have coverage. For all they know, you never had it in the first place. When you check Mexican auto insurance online, you’re allowed to print out a copy right away. Don’t print just one copy. Print out several copies to ensure that you have something to give the cops in the event of an accident.

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