Mexican Insurance from – The Best of Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexican Insurance from

The Best of Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexican Insurance from – The Best of Los Cabos, Mexico

No matter what time of year you decided to visit Los Cabos, Mexico there is something fun to get into. With ideal weather year-round, it’s definitely worth your time to find events in Los Cabos to fill your travel schedule. We’ve composed a list of excellent times of year to visit Los Cobos.

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Fireworks, Parades, Festivals and More – New Year’s Day in Los Cabos. Bringing in the New Year in Los Cabos means days of parades, festivals, and fireworks no matter where you stay. The country celebrates the New Year in grand fashion and is an excellent place to be when the New Year begins.

Gray Whale Festival / Festival de la Ballena Gris (Jan. 15 – Feb. 15)

The warm waters of the Mexican Pacific attract these beautiful animals to come out and play for the enjoyment of spectators who travel from far and wide to view. The Great Whale Festival is a celebration of the life and a viewing of these animals as they frolic, mate, and entertain thousands yearly.

Concurso Se-orita Piel Dorada / International Bikini Open (April)

Come watch as perfectly curved bodies grace the beaches of Los Cabos in the Concurso Se-orita Piel Dorada (aka the International Bikini Open). Beauties from worldwide destinations gather here for the festival which is sure to please any appreciator of fine human craftsmanship.

Carrera de Autos “Cabo San Lucas” / Off Road Race (April)

Get your motors running, because the Carrera de Autos is sure to rev up your need for speed. Held yearly, this event shows off local and foreign talent in a race to the finish.

Mexican Independence Day (September 15-September 16)

Visit Los Cabos to celebrate the start of the Mexican fight for independence from Spain. Eventually, the 10 year battle was won and the celebrations now carry on to mark the victory. From parades and parties to hugh firework displays, if you plan on partying in Mexico September is a perfect time to travel.

Fiestas Patronales de Cabo San Lucas (October 18, 2009)

The celebration of Saint Luke, a quintessential Mexican patron saint, includes parades, feasts and fellowships in Los Cabos. Join in on the singing, dancing, and all-around good times this October.

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Mexican Insurance from – The Best of Los Cabos, Mexico


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