The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Is Found Online

Mexican Insurance For Canadians

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The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Is Found Online

US and Canadian travelers take extra care in choosing an insurer at home, but fail to protect themselves adequately while driving in Mexico on vacation or business. This is understandable because even the best Mexican Insurance for Canadians and US residents can be confusing.

Mexico applies Napoleonic law, so it is critical that you protect yourself from the possibility of being “confined” in case you are determined to be at fault in an at fault automobile accident. Every US and Canadian policy has territorial exclusions for “Liability” coverage in Mexico and most domestic insurers will not pay for physical damage to your vehicle while you are driving in Mexico.

In order to secure a good quality Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online policy, smart travelers should begin by reviewing the financial strength, rating, and claims paying ability of their Mexican Insurance for Canadians carrier as a first step and then compare coverage and rates online that meet their needs as a second step.

Buying Mexican Insurance for Canadians from a independently evaluated and “A” rated insurer who provides sufficient “liability limits” with broad features and solid benefits is the preferred method to buy Mexican Insurance for Canadians. The technique discussed is not realistic if you purchase a policy at one of the border sellers. Over the past 5 years it is starting to get easier to buy quality coverage that can be more readily understood and purchased less expensively if you buy Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online, over the internet, in lieu of a retail mall or border store location.

Look for an insurer with an “A” rating or higher (By A.M. Best or Standard and Poor’s) who are also admitted and accredited to sell Mexican Insurance for Canadians coverage.

A.M. Best ( and Standard and Poor’s (who rate global, foreign, and domestic insurers) are considered to be the industry standard rating agencies in the marketplace. In fact, many Mexican Insurance for Canadians companies do business with other Mexican Insurance for Canadians insurers and the minimum standard for most insurers is an “A” rating.

When shopping for Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store , you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Am I able to purchase coverage from an insurer who has a minimum “A” Rating for financial integrity and claims paying ability or am I being asked by an agent or broker who runs a website or local agency or booth to accept and purchase coverage from an unrated/not-rated insurer who has a weaker program, but who may pay the agent more commission in order to peddle their far less than the best coverage?

Keep in mind, annual written premium or the size of an insurer as a measure of strength or claims paying ability is a questionable measure of fitness. The answer to this question when an broker does not wish to reveal the true nature of your risk might be to say; “Why they are one of the largest insurers in Mexico. Size is only one measure. Claims paying reputation, quality of coverage and financial integrity are far more important then size. Remember how BIG AIG was?

First look at the insurance company rating (“A” is Standard Minimum Acceptable), next the policy limit and features, and finally the price. Using this purchasing method will help you evaluate and compare rate quotes and policies on a clear apples to apples basis and help you get what you pay for should you ever be involved in a car accident or have a loss.

The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Online Is Found Online to save time, money, and frustration

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