Take Mexico Insurance with You No Matter Where You Go!

In the United States and Canada, you just have to buy one car insurance policy to be protected wherever you go in either country. That’s a relief – imagine having to buy a different insurance policy for every state that you visited! While U.S. insurance policies are valid up in Canada – and vice-versa – the same isn’t true about driving south of the border. In order to get around safely South of the Border, you must purchase a separate Mexico insurance policy.

This may sound like a major pain in the neck, but it’s actually quite easy. This is because a car insurance policy is available online. Once you buy and print out a copy of your Mexican insurance online policy, you can drive all over without worry.

Mexico insurance


Car Insurance for Mexico for Hanging Out Near the Border

Many people choose to shoot across the border for an occasional short visit to Mexico. Perhaps you’re planning on skipping down to Tijuana or some other border town. If that’s the case then keep in mind that car insurance for Mexico is still necessary. It’s tempting to think that a Mexico insurance policy isn’t needed, since you’re only going to be visiting for a few hours or days. However, accidents can happen anytime. All it takes is a single fender bender – and a lack of insurance – to find yourself in some very hot water. The risk simply isn’t worth it, so always buy the right coverage.

Heading to the Far Reaches South of the Border

Driving deep into the Republic isn’t as popular as sticking near the border. However, there’s something to be said for a long Mexican road trip. In this case, you’ll obviously need to buy the right coverage before you embark on your trip. Luckily, a single policy will protect you wherever you go in the country. Even if you end up down near the Guatemalan border, your insurance policy will remain in full effect. There is something wonderfully freeing about hitting the wide open Mexican road, so start planning your adventure today!

Aerial view of Cancun, Mexico

Hitting a Popular Resort Town

It’s true that there are airports near many of the most popular resort towns. However, it’s important to note that airfare can be exorbitantly expensive. Driving down with a Mexican insurance policy will save you oodles of cash. Even if you’re going to a far-flung place like Cancun, you can shave a lot of expenses off of your trip by hitting the road. Besides, driving through Mexico is an absolute joy that few people get to experience. You can use the money that you save to dine out in style or to stock up on some incredible souvenirs; in short, you can’t go wrong.

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