Take in Amazing Views at Capilla de la Paz in Acapulco, Mexico

Some would argue that the best views to be had in Acapulco can be enjoyed right on the beach. It’s true that the scenery there is delightful, but it’s nice to get the lay of the land from a higher vantage point. To do that, a visit to Capilla de la Paz is definitely in order. You can find it quickly; it has a massive, 130-foot-tall cross, and it’s situated on a tall hill. Find out why Capilla de la Paz is such a nice place to visit below.

Steer Your Way There with Mexican Insurance

It’s not difficult to find your way over to Capilla de la Paz, which means Chapel of Peace. Before you hop in the car though, make sure you have valid Mexican Insurance coverage. In fact, you need Mexico car Insurance from online Mexican Insurance Store no matter where you drive south of the border. Anyway, drive on up to the chapel. From there, you’ll only have to climb a few steps to take in the majestic view. All of Acapulco will be sprawled out before you, and you’ll be blown away by its beauty.

Additional Features

Even if other people are up there with you, you’ll love the peace and tranquility that you’ll find at Capilla de la Paz. There’s also an impressive statue there called Las Manos de Hermandad, which means the hands of brotherhood. These massive hands are truly something to behold. If you have a chance, you might also want to visit this site after dark. The cross is brightly lit, and it’s fun to see the entire city of Acapulco twinkling below you. If the moon is out, the view is even more spectacular.

Capilla de la Paz in Acapulco

Capilla de la Paz in Acapulco

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