Senor Mex says: Of all of the things I’ve seen and done in Mexico, the train trip that I took through Copper Canyon has to be one of the most memorable. For a very reasonable fee, you can enjoy this amazing experience yourself. Visiting the canyon itself is a lot of fun, and hiking along its many trails is unforgettable. However, a train ride is a lovely introduction to this breathtaking natural wonder. The Grand Canyon is great, but I personally think Copper Canyon is even better. Its rugged majesty is unlike anything else you’ll see in Mexico. Make sure to set aside a few days when visiting this part of the country. Buy Mexican auto insurance at an online Mexican Insurance Store too, or you could run into trouble if you are involved in an accident. Mexican auto insurance online is vital.

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“Completed in 1961, the El Chepe train line runs 400 miles, from Los Mochis to Chihuahua, barreling through the Sierra Madres over 37 bridges and through 86 tunnels, all while hugging 3,000-foot cliff walls. It delivers you into a remote area of Mexico, full of dramatic hikes, swimming holes, and ancient haciendas, where the local Tarahumara still live as they did 500 years ago. The train sets you up for the perfect hop-on-hop-off itinerary since it passes each town along the line once a day in both directions. While the area does sit between the narco hot spots of Sinaloa and Chihuahua, this adventure is actually one of the hidden pockets of tranquility in northern Mexico and still largely gringo-free. Here’s a five-day itinerary.”

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  • I have boarded train through both Copper Canyon and Grand Canyon as a tourist in Mexico. These trips make you feel that you truly belong to the earth and not concrete cities.

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