Should You Consider Yearly Online Mexican Insurance?

Should You Consider Yearly online Mexican Insurance?

People often don’t realize it, but their options aren’t limited to daily online Mexican insurance policies when driving in Mexico. Sure, many drivers end up with daily Mexico car insurance coverage because most people just head south of the border for a day or two. For those who stay for extended periods of time and people who return regularly to Mexico, though, yearly Mexican auto insurance by may be a better option. Is yearly online Mexican insurance right for you? The following information will make it easier to decide whether daily Mexico car insurance or yearly online Mexican insurance is best for you.

Go to Mexico Regularly? Try yearly Mexican auto insurance

If you usually buy your online Mexican insurance, you know how fast and easy it is. You also save a lot of money by doing so, which is a nice perk. However, if you have to do it over and over again, it can get pretty old. If you have friends or relatives south of the border or other reasons for going to Mexico regularly, yearly Mexican auto insurance can save you a lot of time. Without having to buy a new daily Mexico car insurance every time, you will just head down when the mood strikes.

Another Way to Save Money

Funnily enough, it’s often cheaper to just buy yearly online Mexican insurance than it is to buy it by the day because the daily rate is much lower. Six-month policies are also available, and they are often cheaper than buying more than several weeks’ worth of daily coverage. How can you tell whether a yearly policy will save you money? You need to start with an online quote. After getting the quote, compare the price with what you normally pay for daily coverage. The answer should be clear.

Forget about Insurance for a Year

With a yearly Mexican auto insurance policy, you won’t have to worry about getting coverage again for a full year. Just make sure to keep a copy of your policy in your car at all times. Keep an extra copy in your wallet or purse as well. With any luck, you will never need to file a claim. If you do, you will need to have a copy of your policy in order to proceed.

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  • I always go with yearly insurance as I usually stay for more than six months. My friend suggested importing my car to Mexico but this would cause me to obtain domestic insurance, which can be very expensive. That said, I would stick with annual policy.

  • Silvano Koenig
    August 19, 2013 5:54 pm

    Daily Mexican insurance rates cost more if compared to a yearly rate over 365 days. Therefore, if someone wants to take a long term Mexican insurance coverage, it is cheaper to get yearly insurance instead of paying per day.

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