Short Travel Times and Mexico Car Insurance Protection

Short Travel Times and Mexico Car Insurance Protection

Looking for a fun getaway for your next three-day weekend? With a couple of such weekends ahead in the coming months, you can plan for at least one south-of-the-border fling that doesn’t require extensive driving or a lot of cash. Communities in the Mexico tourist corridors are great for enjoying yourself, experiencing the bright influences of the Mexican culture, and indulging in some great food. Although your driving in Mexico will be limited, you still need Mexico car insurance protection. Mexican car insurance for travel can be the difference between a smooth vacation and serious complications.

Baja Tourism

Baja Norte is one of the most inviting tourist areas, especially for those who live within a few hours of the border crossings in Calexico or San Ysidro. Although the Mexican cities closest to the border offer lots of tourist attractions in terms of food, shopping, and even medical supplies, selecting a community that is a bit farther from the border may provide a more relaxed but still entertaining time. For example, San Felipe has plenty of amenities for foreign travelers. This is because it is home to large North American expatriates. Rosarito and Ensenada both offer beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. This you can do while allowing you to enjoy quaint food establishments, shopping, and beach-related activities. These communities also offer you access to resorts if you want to laze for a few days.

Rocky Point

Those within a few hours of Lukeville, AZ, may prefer the option of heading into Sonora. There, they can enjoy Rocky Point’s resort community. Many activities are water-related, including dinner cruises and fishing expeditions. Food and shopping are popular, and there are numerous spots to cater to your interests.

The Danger of Forgetting Mexico Car Insurance Protection

Although most foreigners travel safely without incident, an accident without Mexico car insurance protection can prove problematic. Your Mexican car insurance for travel proves to the authorities that you can pay if you are responsible for a serious wreck that causes another party loss. A Mexico car insurance protection must minimally cover those liabilities, which can be huge in a fatality accident. However, it is wise to invest in car insurance that also offers legal protection and roadside service in case of driving emergencies.

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