Setting Out for Chinese Food in Mexico?

You may not think of Mexico as the place to try Asian food, but you might find that the Chinese fare is particularly appealing after the first stop at a border city restaurant. The idea of Chinese restaurant workers taking your order in Spanish but speaking Chinese in the kitchen could also spin your worldview a bit. Before you go on this multicultural adventure, take the time to verify the details of your reliable Mexican insurance reviews. If your previous policy has expired, a renewal of your Mexican insurance policy is warranted.

Assorted Chinese food

What Kinds of Foods in A Mexican Chinese Restaurant?

You will find that in general, the food available in a Chinese establishment in Mexico isn’t much different than what you would find north of the border. One of the main points of difference would be the sweet-and-sour sauce used. You may find that this is more of an orange sauce than a red sauce, but this won’t come as a shock to those who have grown to love dishes such as orange chicken. You may also find other sweet-and-sour dishes involving fruits such as lemon or strawberry. The hot sauces used may also be more typically Mexican in nature. Essentially, Chinese immigrants learned to work with the ingredients available over time, adapting recipes accordingly.

Are There Many Chinese in Mexico?

In 2008, there were approximately 70,000 individuals of Chinese descent living in the nation. The most concentrated areas of Chinese-Mexicans are in Mexico City and in Mexicali. However, you will see a healthy concentration of Asians in Tijuana immigration settings as well. Early immigration dated to work on expanding Mexican railroads in the 1800s, and the population was dispersed throughout the nation. The government expelled many people in the 1930s due to sentiment in some states. However, reintegration occurred in the latter-1900s.

Watch Out for Inauthentic Locations

If your servers are speaking Chinese in the kitchen, you are probably dealing with the real thing. If, on the other hand, your dish of sweet-and-sour sauce is just low-quality ketchup, you are probably in the wrong spot. Similarly, be sure that you find reliable Mexican insurance reviews. You can verify that the Mexican insurance reviews at is legitimate by examining our license information on the website. You can also review and quote rates for your Mexican insurance policy easily online or by phone.

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