Save Time and Hassle with an Enhanced Driver’s License

Senor Mex says: As this blog post so helpfully notes, you don’t necessarily need a U.S. passport to get into Mexico. If you’re driving into the country, you can make do with an enhanced driver’s license. If your state offers them, they are well worth your while. Applying for one is easy; you just have to go to the local DMV. Paying for one is easy too. They are a lot more affordable than regular passports. They are more convenient as well because you can just use yours as your actual driver’s license and carry it with you at all times. You can’t beat that! Just remember, you need Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance because Mexico Car Insurance is the easiest and least expensive way to meet financial responsibility laws. Proof of who you are in case of a car accident will help get you on your way faster.

The Blogwraith Post

“Part of that my be my fault. I decided to get the Enhanced Drivers License (EDL) offered by the State of Washington for an extra $15, which I believe put me in a different queue. That’s okay, though, because the EDL program is what I wanted to talk about today, anyway. This is part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) to allow for easier travel by land and sea between America and her neighbors (so, basically, travel between the US, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean countries, but not when traveling on a plane). It has an RFID antenna like the new passports, and counts as both proof of identity and citizenship.”

Just pull out your ID and valid Mexico car insurance for the least amount of hassle.

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