Save Money with a Six-Month Mexican Insurance Policy!

Although it’s perfectly fine to head south of the border for a few short days, it’s even better to spend at least a month down there. To truly experience everything that Mexico has to offer, it pays to set aside plenty of extra time. By law, you need to have a valid six-month Mexican insurance policy throughout your visit. Daily coverage is fine for short visits, but you should consider six-month Mexican auto insurance if you’re going to be there for almost a month or more. Find out why it’s smart to buy a six-month Mexican insurance policy below.

Six Months for One Month?

If you’re scratching your head about buying six months’ worth of coverage for a one-month visit, you’re not alone. People are often surprised to learn that they will actually spend less by getting a six-month Mexican car insurance policy at Mexican Insurance Store instead of buying coverage by the day. However, huge discounts are reflected in six-month policies. Even better rates are offered for yearly policies. Mexican Insurance Travel Tip: If you’re going to be in Mexico for more than a few months, you might as well go ahead and get a yearly policy because a yearly policy is only 10-15% more than six-month Mexican auto insurance and after 28 days, its usually a better deal to buy a six-month Mexican insurance policy. With a six-month Mexican car insurance policy If you return within the policy period, you will already be covered.

Are the Savings that Great?

You may be skeptical about buying a six-month Mexican insurance policy for a visit that will only last about a month. To make it worth your while, the savings would have to be pretty spectacular. That’s the thing: They are. It makes all kinds of sense to get a six-month policy, as long as it costs less than what you’d pay for around 30 days’ worth of daily coverage. It’s all about spending less, after all, and that’s precisely what you’ll do by getting a six-month Mexican auto insurances policy.

Where can You Get It?

Finally, you may be unsure about where to get six-month Mexican insurance. The easy answer is the Internet. You can go online and get a six-month policy in just a few quick minutes In fact, travelers like you do that every day. You won’t find this option at the border, and you won’t get a great deal on it at local agencies either. Besides, it’s really fast and simple to buy coverage online. Before you head out on your epic tour of Mexico, go online and round up six-month Mexican car insurance. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Rogelio Chan
    July 14, 2013 9:10 pm

    I visited Mexico with my wife & we had faced serious currency exchange issues I would recommend if you are planning to visit Mexico you should first make sure that your bank has an agreement with Mexican banks so you can use your credit cards.

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