Providing Evidence of Financial Responsibility with Mexican Auto Insurance

I agree with this article completely. Many car insurance companies claim to provide limited coverage in Mexico, but you should never count on it. People often try to get by with their regular insurance policies while traveling south of the border, but the reality is that the authorities can’t make heads or tails of those types of policies. The only thing that a cop will accept as proof of financial responsibility in Mexico is a Mexican auto insurance policy. The thing that really surprises me is that Mexican auto insurance is quite cheap. Why are so many people reluctant to buy it? The main reason is because many people assume Mexican auto insurance is a scam. It isn’t a scam, though. Without it, you could end up sitting in jail. The law is clear in Mexico: All drivers must be able to prove that they can handle their financial responsibilities. Mexican auto insurance is the only way to do that.Trip Insurance Post

“Allow me to answer this question with a question. If a police officer in the United States pulls someone over for speeding, and they provide evidence of insurance from Mexico, should the police officer accept it as valid in the United States? Because that piece of paper was printed in Mexico it will most likely be printed in Spanish, does the police officer speak Spanish? The answer: I don’t know.” Always protect yourself with high quality Mexican auto insurance from

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  • Car insurance is the best evidence of your financial responsibility while driving on the highway. By your Mexican insurance you are proving to other road users that you are capable of making good your liability in case of an accident.

  • Rochelle Pelfrey
    February 13, 2022 5:54 pm

    One sure thing about road traveling is you can catch and capture all great scenery around you. There are plenty of them along the way that make you feel more excited.

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