Plan a Thanksgiving Trip in Mexico

The Thanksgiving weekend doesn’t give you a lot of driving time in Mexico. But some people just like some of the border cities, coastal areas, or Baja. If that is the case then you can find a spot within proximity that will allow you to enjoy a low-stress vacation. Your top-rated Mexico insurance for tourists can save you time at the border by eliminating the need to stop at border sales offices. Look for rental homes in the Baja area to facilitate a home-style Thanksgiving. And select quality Mexico auto insurance to make sure that your travels are legal.

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Will I Find Familiar Thanksgiving Foods in Mexican Stores?

If you are going to try to shop for your turkey in Mexico, then you will want to check out larger stores like Calimax as you travel through big cities. In rural communities, you might find a turkey or two in a freezer section, but don’t count on it. Pack a turkey in an ice chest if you don’t want to leave it to chance. Similarly, don’t expect to find stuffing mix, pumpkin, or cranberries. While these may be available in communities and stores that cater to expatriates, it’s just as easy to pack these for use upon arrival.

If you are concerned about vegetables, you will find most other familiar items available. Your celery, onion, potatoes, and even yams should be available. You might want to bring canned yams for convenience. You may be challenged in finding brown sugar, so bring some of this along if you intend to bake. Mexican brown sugar, called piloncillo, is a much different product.

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Extending Your Stay

Your top-rated Mexico insurance for tourists should last for the full time that you are in Mexico. You may find that the soothing pace draws your attention, and you might decide to stay an extra day or two as a result. You can access Mexico auto insurance online to purchase additional coverage, important so that you don’t risk having an accident without proper legal protections. Although it may be tempting to just live dangerously by not renewing your car insurance for Mexico, an accident could lead to serious legal problems and financial obligations.

Top-rated Mexico insurance for tourists from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico.



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