Nude Beaches in Mexico

Senor Mex says: It’s smart to find out whether there are nude beaches in the part of Mexico where you will be visiting. That’s especially true if you are looking for family-friendly fun. Although nude beaches aren’t officially condoned south of the border, they are easy to find in many areas. If you’d like to steer clear of them, you should do a little research before heading down to your ultimate destination. With top-notch Mexican auto insurance from online, you will have the freedom you need to head to a different beach if you inadvertently stumble upon one where there’s nudity. On the flip side, you can drive around until you find a nude beach if that’s your thing. US and Canadian auto insurance is invalid in Mexico, making good quality Mexican auto insurance online a real necessity.

Mexican Beach Bum Post

“Hoping to enjoy your Mexican vacation in the buff? Here is the low-down on topless, nude and clothing-optional beaches and resorts in Mexico.

All beaches in Mexico are federal property and nudity is not officially sanctioned, however in practice you will find that there are many beaches where topless and nude sunbathing and swimming take place. There are some nude and clothing-optional resorts, or if you prefer, you can find remote and secluded spots where you can sunbathe and swim in your birthday suit with no one else the wiser.”

Read the entire post here. Just remember Mexican auto insurance online is needed.

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