Mexico Insurance; Liability Only or Comprehensive Full Coverage!

People often dont realize that Mexico insurance is similar to U.S. and Canadian car insurance in many ways. For instance, you can either buy liability only coverage or comprehensive Mexico insurance full coverage. In the first case, the Mexico insurance policy that you buy will strictly cover damages to third parties. It will not pay for damages to your own vehicle. If youre heading to Mexico with a nice, new vehicle or just dont want to get stuck with a large repair bill, you seriously need to consider comprehensive Mexico insurance coverage. Some people balk at the extra cost of comprehensive insurance. In the scheme of things though, its actually not that expensive. Just compare it to the average price of car insurance in the U.S. or Canada. Besides, youre probably only going to need coverage for a few days. If you need it for several weeks or months, you might want to look into 6 month or yearly Mexico insurance.Insurance 999 Post

“You can select to purchase both a Mexican Legal responsibility coverage which only covers damages you cause to third events (it won’t pay for damages to your motorbike), or you may select to purchase a full protection policy which also includes theft and bodily harm coverage on your motorcycle.”

Make sure to do your homework before buying Mexico insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store.

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  • Clarissa Nettleton
    July 25, 2014 5:14 pm

    Liability-Only cover only covers half of your financial responsibility. For your car to be fully covered, you have to take a full coverage Mexican insurance.

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