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Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance – Don’t Wear Border Blinders when You Visit Mexico

The border can be a point of changed behavior and perspective for some tourist, but traveling with border blinders can lead to problems ranging from overspending on vehicle coverage to violating Mexican law. Do your research ahead of time so that you don’t create problems as you traverse the frontera. Your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance is one avenue in avoiding border problems. In addition to getting Mexico auto insurance ahead of time, you can learn about travel requirements for Mexico. In order to drive legally on highways in Mexico you need Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance to meet financial responsibility laws.

Savings with Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance

Many travelers wait until they reach border towns to purchase Mexican auto insurance. While this is an option, this can also cost more money than necessary. A tourist will typically identify a spot based on signs rather than research, and those border shacks have a very captive audience. In some cases, pricing can be significantly higher in these locations, while purchasing Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance can save 40 -60 percent or more in some cases due to higher policy prices and extra fees at the border for less comprehensive coverage.

Mexico auto insurance is a money-saving investment because it ensures that you are in compliance with Mexican law if you have even a minor accident. A one-car wreck that damages the road or property could become a fiasco as Mexican authorities deal with an uninsured motorist. With good coverage, those minor issues can be mitigated more effectively. Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance includes extras that don’t cost extra. These include roadside assistance and legal coverage if you are involved in an accident.

Border Documents

Entering the country, you may need to obtain an auto permit and tourist visa. A tourist visa, FMT, is required if you will travel out of the border area or if you will stay longer than three days. A vehicle permit is needed in mainland Mexico if you will travel beyond the border. Failing to obtain these documents could result in legal issues if you are stopped, especially if you are involved in a vehicle incident. This can be even more complicated if you lack Mexico auto insurance. Although you may view these documents as unnecessary expenses, ignoring them could lead to very costly consequences that involve finances and your freedom.

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance comes with Legal and Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • Driving beyond the Mexico border requires that you meet some basic documentation requirements. Having been a resident of Chula Vista for long, I used to ignore such. But when the time of need came calling during an accident, I learned never to repeat my more than 5-year old habit of never bothering with Mexico insurance.

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