Mexico Car Insurance and Crossing the Border into Mexico!

Most people dread the process of crossing the border into Mexico. Most of the time, that dread is brought on by worries about being stuck in long, endless lines; other times, its caused by a general fear of being questioned by the authorities. While there is plenty of randomness involved in crossing the border, youre more likely to get across quickly and seamlessly when you have an idea about what to expect. If youve never crossed the border into Mexico before, you should read through the following basics. Also, if you plan on buying Mexico Car insurance at the border, you should think again.

Why Not Buy Mexico Car Insurance at the Border?

If that last warning threw you off, it’s probably because you’ve always been told to buy Mexican insurance online at the border. Some people believe that buying car insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance Store at the border is the cheapest and easiest way to go. Nothing could be further from the truth. Youll pay a lot less and wait a lot less time when you buy your Mexican insurance online prior to leaving. Besides, buying your coverage at the border will lengthen the time that you spend and/or waste.

Choosing the Right Lane

Upon arriving at the actual customs area, you will have two basic options in terms of which lane to pass through. If you have less than $75 of qualifying merchandise, you can drive through the “nothing to declare” or “nada de declarar” lane. If you have between $75 and $1,000 of things to declare, you will need to drive through the “declaration” or “carril de declaracion” lane. If you have more than $1,000 to declare, you will need to meet up with a customhouse broker. Most people end up in the nothing to declare or declaration lanes, though. Youre not more or less likely to be searched in either lane, so there is no advantage either way.

Random Searches

Its easy enough to find out whether or not youre going to have to deal with a random search. Upon pulling up, you will be greeted with a stoplight. If it turns green, you should be free to go; there is still a chance of being asked to pull over, though. If the light is red, though, you are definitely going to have to stop for a random search. In most cases, these searches are cursory and quick. You should be in and out in no time. The main exception is, of course, if they find undeclared or illegal items in your vehicle. Remember to never bring firearms into Mexico and dont carry more than $10,000 cash into the country. Mexican insurance online and crossing the border into Mexico!

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  • Kanesha Grayson
    September 23, 2021 5:43 pm

    It’s good to observe the movements of the vehicles around you when traveling, but certainly don’t follow what they’re doing. For example, if one car ahead speeds through a stop sign, stop driving anyway.

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