Mexico Auto Insurance Online and IAVE Passes in Mexico!

You may have noticed that toll roads are becoming extremely popular down in Mexico. A huge part of the reason for that is that the infrastructure for regular roads is quite poor. Theres not a lot of money to use to maintain regular roads and highways in Mexico.

The Pass plus Mexico Auto Insurance Equals Easy Street!

The IAVE, or Identificacion Automatica Vehiclar, is a pass that lets you get through toll booths down in Mexico a lot more quickly. When paired with top quality Mexico auto insurance online, its a great way to make your time south of the border a lot smoother and easier. Mexican insurance is easy to come by; the IAVE pass is, too. One key difference is that you can buy car insurance for Mexico online, but you cant buy the IAVE pass online. Still, the small amount of time that it takes to get one is well worth it.

Getting an IAVE Pass

Because toll roads are funded by tolls, of course, theres more money to keep them in good shape. If you go to Mexico regularly or just want to enjoy a little convenience, you should consider getting an IAVE pass. If you cant get the IAVE pass online, where can you get it? In general, it can be found along most toll roads at several points. Many times, there are stands right near the toll booths where you can buy it. To get the IAVE pass, you need to have photo ID and you have to pay for a sticker and a transponder. The transponder is affixed to your car and automatically deducts tolls as you drive through the toll lane.

Benefits of the Pass

You may have noticed that there are designated IAVE lanes at toll booths in Mexico. If you have the IAVE pass, you can make use of those lanes. As you approach the booth at an IAVE lane, the light will be red and the arm will be lowered. When your transponder is scanned, though, the toll is deducted. When that happens, the light turns green and the arm goes up, which allows you to proceed. Its a very streamlined process. You also get discount on tolls, too, which is a nice little perk. Depending on where youre going in Mexico, the IAVE pass may be a worthwhile option to consider. Mexican insurance and IAVE passes in Mexico!

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  • Lots of beaches in Mexico are typically stunning. Summer in Mexico is humid and hot. That’s why plenty of visitors are coming in, especially during summer. Just remember car insurance for Mexico if you drive.

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