Mexico Auto Insurance for Tourists – No Policy Could Mean Jail

People are usually surprised to learn that the authorities can put them in jail for driving without Mexico auto insurance for tourists while in Mexico. However, that’s more than just a nasty rumor; it’s the truth. The only surefire way to obey the law while driving south of the border is by having a Mexico insurance policy with you at all times. You can learn more about today’s best car insurance policies by checking out the options at that link.

Mexico auto insurance for tourists

Mexico Auto Insurance for Tourists  – Why Jail?

Why would the police decide to take you to jail for not having valid auto insurance? The main reason is that they can’t risk letting you go and leaving the country. If you do and are found to be responsible, you may never pay for the damages and injuries you’ve caused. To be safe, the police generally detain drivers who don’t have an insurance policy. Once they are done investigating, they let the driver know what is happening. If the driver is at fault, he must pay for the damages and injuries out of his pocket.

Insurance Policy – How Long?

As if being put behind bars in Mexico wouldn’t be bad enough, you won’t know how long you’ll be there. It depends on how long it takes for the police to conduct their investigation. In some cases, that may mean only a few hours. In others, it could mean a few days. There’s nothing you can do to get out. They won’t risk their jobs to let you go free. As long as you have a Mexico insurance policy, you will be able to avoid this unhappy fate.

Be Smart When Buying A Mexico Insurance Policy

As unlikely as it may be that you’ll get into an accident in Mexico, you can’t plan on it. Anything can happen. If you get into even a minor fender bender, an accident could ruin your whole trip. At least, it would be if you don’t have Mexico auto insurance for tourists. This simple, affordable slip of paper can help you avoid all kinds of unfortunate things. You can get an excellent policy online and print it outright at home. Then, please put it in a safe place to ensure that you have it when you need it.

Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Travel Scenery

Is it Risky to Drive without Mexican Insurance?

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  • Tybalt Mulkern
    June 3, 2013 6:55 pm

    It is a reality that one can be jailed for driving in Mexico without a Mexican insurance policy. To avoid such unpleasant experiences while vacationing in Mexico, it is advisable to have the insurance for Mexico with you at all times. Risk is a fact of life, so it is important to be smart enough and buy a comprehensive cover.

  • Yes you are correct. The law states any driver must take “financial responsibility” for any damages they are responsible for in a car accident in the Republic of Mexico. This means they must hold you until you pay the bill. Cash, check, a bond or an adequate Mexican auto insurance policy will do.

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