Mexico: A Bad Place to Go Without Quality Mexican Insurance!

Unless you actually enjoy going through a lot of unpleasant experiences, you’d probably like to avoid being arrested and going to jail while you’re down in Mexico. One major pitfall that you need to avoid is driving around down there without Mexican insurance. That’s one of the most common reasons for people to be arrested while they’re south of the border. There’s no decent excuse for not using Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. You can purchase top-notch Mexican car insurance policies online in a matter of minutes, and they are very cheap too.

You could Go to Jail Even if You’re Innocent

Let’s say that you get into an accident that’s clearly the fault of another driver. Even the cops seem to realize that you’re innocent in the whole debacle. Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter. If you can’t show proof of Mexican auto insurance, the cops are going to have to take you to jail. By Mexican law, all people are assumed to be guilty until they are proven innocent. As a result, the police have to make sure that everyone who is involved in an accident can pay for the damages or injuries that have occurred. A Mexican insurance policy is proof you are taking financial responsibility.

Mexican Insurance Options

If you are unlucky enough to be arrested while you’re in Mexico, your immediate options are going to be limited. The cops will not do anything until they have completed their investigation. If you don’t have Mexican insurance, you will have to sit around and wait for them to figure everything out. If you are arrested for another reason, you could wait for a long time too. Some Mexican car insurance policies come with legal assistance that can really come in handy in such situations.

Don’t Risk Jail

You’re not just going to get a slap on the wrist or an easy-to-pay ticket if you’re involved in an accident and caught without Mexican auto insurance. You will almost certainly be taken to jail and held there until the cops are finished with their investigation and they have evidence that damages will be paid for. That’s a really big risk to take, and it’s totally not worth it. All you need to do to avoid such a situation is to buy Mexican insurance. It’s available online, it’s cheap and it can help you avoid a whole lot of grief while you are in Mexico. Mexico: A Bad Place to Go Without Quality Mexican Auto Insurance!

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