Mexican Liability Insurance and The Green Angels!

Nobody wants to break down while they are visiting Mexico. Before you head down, it pays to have your car thoroughly checked out by a trusted mechanic. If its almost due for an oil change, you might as well have it done before you leave. Even if you take care of all of these things and buy Mexican Liability Insurance, you could find yourself sitting on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle. Never fear, though; a group called the Angeles Verdes, or the Green Angels, patrols many major Mexican thoroughfares and should be able to help.

Who are the Green Angels?

Before you drive into Mexico, youd be wise to invest in Mexican auto liability insurance. While Mexico car insurance will keep you out of jail in the event of an accident, it wont help if your car breaks down. It is possible to buy roadside assistance with your Mexico insurance, but the Green Angels may be able to help, too. The group patrols drive around major Mexican highways in green vehicles. They stop to assist people who have broken down. They can also be summoned via phone, if needed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Its natural to assume that the Green Angels charge fees for their services; incredibly, that’s not the case. Indeed, the majority of what they do is completely free of charge. They will work on your car and tow it for free. If a part needs to be replaced, however, you will have to pay for it yourself. Please keep in mind that the Green Angels appreciate tips; considering how helpful they are, tips are more than warranted. Set aside some extra cash so that you can tip them if the need arises.

Where can They be Found?

While the Green Angels patrol many roads, they don’t patrol all of them. They primarily cover toll roads, which tend to be in much better shape than regular, “free” roads. A complete list of the roads that they cover can be found online. Upon breaking down, make sure to open the hood of your car right away. That way, the Angels will know that you have broken down when they see you on the side of the road. If no one arrives, you could always give the Angels a call, too; numbers are found on the emergencia signs that are found along most routes. Mexican insurance and the Green Angels!

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