Mexican Insurance Store Upgrades New Blog

(PRESS RELEASE) PERRIS, Calif. – Mexican Insurance Store, one of today’s most popular online Mexican Insurance providers, recently made an important update to its new blog. According to the company, all blog posts are in the processed of being tagged. These tags are now displayed on the right side of the blog page, which makes it easier for people to find specific topics. “We’re always looking for ways to make the site easier to use and more useful in general,” says Linden Gray, the president of Mexican Insurance Store. “Through the years, we’ve published thousands of blog posts. By tagging them all, we’re trying to make it easier for people to pinpoint the topics that matter the most to them.”

The tagging project is in its earliest stages right now. However, hundreds of posts have been tagged. A tag is selected based on the topic of the post in question. For example, if a post is about driving in Baja, the post might be tagged “driving in Baja.” This tag will then appear as a link on the right side of the blog page. A person can scan through the various tags to find topics that interest them. By clicking on a tag, a separate page with posts that have that tag will appear. From there, people can read the specific posts that they want to read. “It’s all very straightforward,” says one employee. “A similar system is used on many websites and blogs.”

Visitors to the Mexican Insurance Store site are already pleasantly surprised by the changes. “I check in on the blog from time to time,” says one longtime customer. “However, I’m only interested in certain posts. In the past, finding posts that were about topics that interested me was a little cumbersome. Now that these posts are being tagged though, I should be able to find what I want quickly. I think it’s a great feature, and I’m going to take advantage of it!” Similar sentiments are being echoed by many other Mexican Insurance Store customers.

Mexican Insurance Store is not certain when the tagging project will be complete. “There’s a lot of work involved,” says Gray. “We’ve been posting blog entries for years. Unfortunately, we weren’t tagging them as we went, so there’s quite a backlog.” Right now, a handful of employees is going through each blog post and tagging them accordingly. “We’re getting through them, but it’s going to take a little while,” says one employee. However, the tags are already appearing on the blog webpage, so people can start exploring the new feature right away. “It’s not complete, but it’s available for people who would like to give it a whirl,” says Gray.
About Mexican Insurance
Mexican Insurance Store is the largest provider of low cost Mexican Insurance in South California’s Inland Empire, the 3rd most populous metropolitan area in California. The company offers a variety of online Mexican insurance policies to Canada and US travelers nationwide. Self-service policies are purchased and printed instantly by customers or created by Mexican Insurance Store and emailed or faxed to customers in minutes at no additional charge.
For additional information call 888 800 9988 from US or Canada or 001-881-800-9988 from Mexico or 951-657-4220 Direct.
Mexican Insurance Store
3819 Saint Austell Way
Perris, CA 92571
Fax 626 638 3255

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