Mexican Insurance Store Ready for 2013 With New Updates And Higher Liability Limits

PERRIS, Calif. – Mexican insurance Store, a leading online destination for Mexican automobile insurance, has laid the groundwork for a productive and innovative 2013 with new updates including higher liability limit quotes. The popular online insurance provider, which offers a variety of top-quality Mexican insurance policies, has made a number of updates and changes to ensure a smooth and profitable 2013 including a drop down feature to easily quote $300,000 (Dollars) in liability limits. “We continually strive to provide the best service to our customers,” said Linden Gray, the president of Mexican Insurance Store. “That doesn’t change regardless of the time of year. When a new year arrives, though, we like to assess where we are and make improvements as needed.”

After performing a major overhaul of its website about a year ago, Mexican Insurance Store has maintained the same design ever since. However, the company is considering a few changes for 2013. Those changes haven’t been disclosed, but they are likely to revolve around the layout and general design of the site. “It’s smart to freshen things up every now and then,” said one Mexican Insurance Store employee. “The site looks great right now, but it never hurts to do a face-lift from time to time. That will probably happen in 2013.”

One of the most popular things about the Mexican Insurance website is its online quote feature. By inputting a small amount of information, visitors can get in-depth quotes that include a few different insurance options. “I really like how the quotes include information about more than one policy,” said one customer. “That’s how I found out about a few different options that I’d never considered. It makes me feel more confident about buying this kind of insurance.” The company has no plans to change the quote system in 2013, but a few minor adjustments may be made.

Customer service is a top concern for Mexican Insurance, and the company is committed to being available to its customers. “That’s one area in which we really stand out from the crowd,” said the employee. “There are a lot of online Mexican automobile insurance providers, but many of them just drop the ball in terms of customer service.” To ensure the highest level of customer service, Mexican Insurance Store continually evaluates its personnel. “If we need more employees, we hire them,” said one manager. “There’s a definite possibility that we will hire more people in the new year.”

One thing that has remained true about Mexican Insurance Store through the years is its willingness to make improvements as needed. The company is always looking for ways to provide better service to its customers. “That’s not going to change,” said Gray. “We’re always evaluating our services and products, and we take customer feedback seriously. Whenever we make changes, we issue press releases to let everyone know. That will continue to be the case in 2013.” The president of the company has high hopes for the new year. “I really feel that it will be our best year yet,” said Gray. “Our customers are in for some really great surprises in 2013.”

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  • Pablo Bergen
    July 3, 2013 5:32 pm

    In order to protect yourself in Mexico always get Mexican insurance liability coverage. It’s easier to get now as you can compare different plans online and get the one that suits you.

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