Mexican Insurance Mexican car insurance; Keeping Others Safe

Senor Mex Says: This post has many spot-on points. I particularly agree with the comment that says that Mexican Insurance Mexican car insurance doesn’t just protect you – it protects others on the road too. After all, liability-only coverage is designed to cover damages and injuries to other people. That is the bare minimum type of coverage that you are going to need if you are going to drive down in Mexico. Luckily, getting liability-only is super easy. You will probably want to take things one step farther by purchasing full-coverage Mexican Insurance Mexican car insurance. That way you will be protected if you are injured or if your car is damaged.

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“Keep in mind that maintaining Mexican Insurance Mexican car insurance is an act ito properly protect yourself. Be responsible and you will not only protect yourself, but also others that be on the road. You do not know what will happen, and you might have one minor Fender Bender or a serious accident.”

When you are down in Mexico, you need to keep proof of Mexican Insurance Mexican car insurance with you at all times.Otherwise, you put yourself and others at undue risk.


Mexican Insurance Mexican car insurance
Driving South of the Border

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  • Marlana Jemison
    November 12, 2021 5:04 pm

    Hydrate throughout your vacation and watch what you drink and eat. Stay active and always protect your skin.

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