Mexican Insurance Review Comparisons; Smart Travelers Check!

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, a visit to jail probably isnt included on your itinerary. No one heads south of the border with the goal of spending part of their vacation behind bars. You can be the most law-abiding person on the planet and still end up in jail down in Mexico. How? By not bothering to check a Mexican insurance review at before they travel. The importance of this type of coverage cannot be stressed enough. If you think that its only needed by worrywarts and those who are overly anxious about everything, think again. The truth is that Mexican law requires every driver to be able to handle his financial responsibilities. The easiest way to do that is by having this type of coverage.

No Mexican Insurance: So What

People often assume that they will be given slaps on the wrist if they are caught in an accident driving without insurance down in Mexico. Unlike in the U.S. and Canada, though, being without insurance wont just result in stiffer fees and out-of-pocket expenses; in the aftermath of an accident, being without Mexico auto insurance can land you right in jail. This isnt an urban legend or a worst-case-scenario type of thing, either. If you cant show the cops that you have Mexican liability insurance you will be detained until everything is sorted out.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

If you are from the U.S. or Canada, its easy to take it for granted that you are treated innocent until proven guilty. The same thing isnt true in Mexico, which is largely why going without insurance can land you in such hot water. Even if you clearly arent 100% at fault in the event of an accident, the authorities oan and will treat you as if you are guilty. They have to be assured that you will be able to pay for the damages that you have caused before they let you go on your way. If you dont have insurance, they will detain you to make sure that you somehow make good on your responsibilities.

Be Smart and Stay Safe

There is no reason to ever go without Mexico auto insurance. Buying it may seem like a big hassle, but spending time behind bars during your vacation is sure to be a bigger ordeal. You may not think that you will get into an accident, but theres no way to 100% prevent it. Even if you are extremely cautious, things happen. Why drive around with this kind of worry in your head when you can protect yourself with an affordable Mexican liability insurance policy? Its pretty simple stuff.

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