Mexican Insurance Online Isnt Technically Required

Senor Mex Says: This post is interesting. It acknowledges the fact that Mexican insurance online is not technically required by law. When some people hear that, they think that they are off the hook and they dont need to worry about buying coverage. That’s absolutely untrue and quite dangerous to boot. If you choose to go without Mexican insurance online, the cops have no qualms whatsoever about throwing you into jail. If the idea of spending even a short amount of time in Mexican jail freaks you out, you should always arm yourself with Mexican insurance online. Buying this type of coverage is super easy and extremely inexpensive. Save yourself time and aggravation by buying it online; buying it at the border is a bad idea for a number of reasons. When you have the right policy, you won’t have to travel around Mexico with anxiety.

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“Purchasing Mexico vehicle insurance is not required to drive in Mexico, but it highly recommended it. Mexico laws are very strict and the police are not hesitant to make arrests. The best way to put this into perspective is that you are driving in a foreign country, not the United States or Canada!”

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  • Malissa Charleston
    November 4, 2021 6:16 pm

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