Mexican Insurance Online and Protect Yourself in Mexico!

Do you know how to stay safe while you are out of the country? If you are thinking about taking a trip down to Mexico, you may be a little alarmed by some of the travel alerts that are published from time to time. Many of these tips involve common sense, but one may throw you for a loop: Mexican insurance. Theres a good chance you didnt even know it was needed, so read on to learn more.

Where to Buy Mexican Insurance

Now that you know that you need Mexico car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store, youre probably wondering where you can find it. Some people will tell you to scoop it up at the border, but theres a better way to go: using the Internet. Like so many other things, Mexican car insurance is available online. By purchasing Mexican car insurance there, you can save a lot of cash and get a better deal. You can also take your pick from many great Mexico car insurance policies so that you end up with precisely what you need. Why pay for what you dont need or settle for less?

To be sure, drug related violence does occur south of the border; however the vast majority of people enjoy their vacations in Mexico without coming close to experiencing any trouble at all. You shouldnt ditch your plans to visit Mexico because of travel alerts, but you should learn a few basic tips for keeping safe while you are down there.


Although Mexican insurance will come to the rescue in the event of an accident or the total theft of your vehicle, its not a cure all for vehicle related woes. You cant leave pricey items in your car and expect Mexican car insurance to handle things if they are stolen. The typical Mexico car insurance policy does not handle vandalism or partial theft. If either thing happens to you, you will be out of luck. You can avoid partial theft by not keeping pricey or valuable things in your vehicle when youre not in it.

Its the Law

Some people would say that Mexican car insurance isnt required by law, but they would be splitting hairs. The law states that every driver must be able to show proof of financial responsibility. That means that you need to be able to show that you can handle the financial ramifications of your actions. Carrying around a briefcase full of cash isnt practical. The vast majority of people stay within the letter of the law by carrying the right insurance. Your U.S. car insurance is invalid in Mexico, which is why special coverage is imperative. Make it a priority to stay safe south of the border. Mexican insurance and protect yourself in Mexico!

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  • Margareta Bulluck
    November 9, 2021 5:03 pm

    There’s no crime and violence in San Felipe, Mexico. It is recommended to spend time close to the border cuz the area is violence-free.

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