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If you want to have a good time and take in some action across the border, racing season in Baja begins at the end of February. The San Felipe 250 is one of the first races of the year, and a preview of what to expect during the season. Buy Mexican insurance from before heading down to Baja to stay safe and protected. (Remember that off-road racing isn’t covered by Mexican auto insurance at

The San Felipe 250

The Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 is an off-road rally race off the Baja California Pennisula. One of the charms of the competition is the variety of classes. All sorts of vehicles, from unlimited open wheel cars to modified mini-trucks are allowed to battle the rugged landscape.

San Felipe 250 2013 Video Highlights

New to the 250 mile looped course this year is a modified track and some new terrain.

Now, you need to be prepared. Meaning, you can’t just show up during the event and expect to get a decent hotel. With the city busier than usual and all the people running around, get a hotel reservation ahead of time. Rental homes and campgrounds also work if you want to try something different. Or if you have the means, you can always take a RV down to Baja.

The San Felipe area is home to a sizable community of Americans and other ex-pats, so you should feel right at home. There are plenty of other things to do, and Baja is especially known as a place where you can have fun outdoors. Many Americans love the area so much they eventually buy their own property!

Mexican insurance from is required!

If you’re going to be driving around what’s sure to be a crowded San Felipe, you definitely should have Mexican insurance from If you’re towing anything, make sure to purchase Mexican auto insurance at for the towed vehicle as well, since many travelers overlook that detail.

Baja racing calendar

If you have a great time in Baja and end up having a blast, return in June for the Baja 500, and later on in the year for the Baja 1000. Both races run through Ensenada, so you have the opportunity to check out another fun place to visit. Mexican insurance from – Head to the San Felipe 250

Mexican insurance from gives you peace of mind!

Mexican insurance from
San Felipe 250 countdown



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  • Sarita Kittrell
    May 30, 2014 9:56 pm

    Foreigners who like races such as off-roading can delight themselves by visiting Mexico where this activity happens all year round, San Felipe 250 is essentially the beginning of this racing event. Make sure to apply for Mexico insurance.

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