Mexican Insurance For Travelers – Medical Tourists Driving Into Mexico

A recent report noted that Puerto Vallarta’s popularity for medical tourism is surging. Indeed, this facet of travel has long been an option for those challenged by high healthcare costs north of the border, and Mexico offers some affordable alternatives. For driving in Mexico, it is required that you have Mexican insurance for travelers. You can select Mexico car insurance online, saving time and money as you prepare for your travels. Many drive south of the border searching for alternative solutions when home doctors are not finding the needed answers. Those seeking to save money might not travel as far as Puerto Vallarta. Instead, they might consider driving beyond tourist areas to see additional options for medical treatment.


Will you visit a dentist to have a single root canal completed? Are you looking at establishing an ongoing relationship with a primary doctor? Your plans may impact your needs for Mexico car insurance online. As a result, a one-time treatment may only require a day’s coverage. Ongoing treatment could mean monthly or weekly visits. There are a few factors to use in deciding whether your case warrants a long-term policy.

For example, one crucial pro tip: Mexican insurance for travelers is required to drive on the toll roads, so make sure to pick up Mexico car insurance online before taking off!

Select Mexican insurance for travelers based on planning

  • Vehicle: Your coverage applies only to one vehicle. As a result, if your travels could involve the use of different vehicles based on the timing and situation, then short-term Mexico car insurance online is best

  • Amount of time: Long-term coverage is a better value if your travels will place you in Mexico for at least 21 days of the year.

  • Upfront costs: If you are trying to save money, the upfront cost of a year’s worth of Mexican insurance for travelers might seem steep. Although it is a significant saving over buying coverage one trip at a time, you might prefer the short-term options for the moment.

  • Convenience: Having handled for the year can save time and stress, making a long-term policy ideal for peace of mind.

Mexican insurance by gives you peace of mind with free Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost!


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  • It’s good to plan and choose Mexican Insurance Store for your car insurance. They’ve got the most convenient long-term policies to take care of your entire year’s travelling protection. You’re rewarded with peace of mind.

  • In Mexico, you will reach your destination safely with the help of your car insurance. Mexican auto insurance completes your driving requirement.

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