Mexican Insurance for Tourists and Getting to Culiacan

If you are considering a visit to Culiacan, then you’ll find a number of interesting cultural and natural areas to explore. In planning your trip to the capital of the state of Sinaloa, it’s important to keep in mind that Mexican insurance for tourists should carry sufficient limits based on current Mexican labor law. Then the indemnity limits were raised several months ago, affecting your existing insurance policy. Current Sinaloa limits are set at $113,615 in the event of a death in which a third party is at fault, and it’s important to opt for higher car insurance for Mexico as a result.

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Mexican insurance for tourists

Getting to Culiacan with Car Insurance for Mexico 

There are many directions to consider in your auto travel to Culiacan, with most routes taking you through Sonora. Although Sonora indemnity limits are much lower than those of Sinaloa, it’s necessary to keep the highest states in mind when you buy your Mexican insurance for tourists. Nogales provides the most direct route, traveling south on Mexican Highway 15. You can also travel from the east or west on Mexican Highway 2 to connect with 15. 15 will take you on through Hermosillo and south to Culiacan. Your Mexican insurance for tourists is helpful if you have car trouble, providing free emergency road assistance.

Things to See and Do in Culiacan

The capital of Sinaloa, Culiacan is one of the bigger cities connecting with Mexican Highway 15. You’ll see lots of seaside resorts and beaches en route. Furthermore, the city features many universities. There are intriguing architectural examples in the area as well. Cathedrals are elaborate and beautiful. The Culiacan Botanical Garden is an intriguing spot, combining contemporary art with captivating plant life. There are also many large malls and shops in the area. Of course, youngsters will appreciate water parks, movie theaters, and ice rinks.

While your stop may be brief if you are merely traveling through, you do want to keep in mind that the busy city raises your potential for an accident. Your insurance coverage is always important. Sometimes you may need to log onto your insurance policy to purchase supplemental coverage. Keep your car insurance for Mexico up to date.

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Getting to Culiacan

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