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Mexican Insurance for San Diego, California Residents Driving to Mexico

As a San Diego, California, resident, you may have crossed by foot into Tijuana from time to time. However, driving in Mexico allows you to escape the gaudy border zone in order to enjoy some of the more pleasant cultural influences as well as beautiful scenery. Rosarito is a great starting point, and you will want to begin with Mexican insurance for San Diego, California first. You can get your Mexican auto insurance for San Diego online so that you don’t have to bother with those border shacks at the crossing area. Mexican Insurance for San Diego, California Residents is needed in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Directions for Driving from San Diego, California to Rosarito Beach, Mexico

While San Diego is only about 30 miles from Rosarito, California residents understand the difference a day or time can make in navigating even the most familiar freeway. Your mileage and driving time may vary based on what part of San Diego, California, you reside in. The average driving time is about one hour.

Use Interstate 5 to head south to the border. You will want to be prepared when you reach the sign indicating Point of No Return as there is no option but crossing the border if you pass this point. Be sure that your Mexican insurance for San Diego, California, is already effective so that you don’t cross the border without coverage. The San Diego portion of your drive is only about 16 miles of the trip. Once you cross the border, you will watch for the Carretera Federal 1, the Transpeninsular Highway, also known as Mexican Highway 1. Your drive from the border to Rosarito is only about 15 to 17 miles as well. Signs are fairly clear as you get on the highway, and your drive should be smooth as you head toward Rosarito’s beautiful beach scenery.

Border Considerations During Your Trip

Getting into Mexico is fairly easy although traffic can be heavier on weeknights and weekend mornings. It is important to have your passport with you as you travel. You also need to be sure that your Mexican insurance for San Diego will be effective throughout your trip. It’s easy to be captivated by the environment on a day trip and decide to stay over. If you only have a one-day Mexican auto insurance for San Diego, you can use your wireless device to purchase supplemental coverage for additional days to ensure that you are protected until you return to California.

Mexican Insurance for San Diego, California Residents from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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