Mexican Insurance for Cars by – Staying Off the Sucker List When Shopping in Mexico

Mexican Insurance for cars by

Mexico Pesos

Mexican Insurance for cars by – Staying Off the Sucker List When Shopping in Mexico

When traveling in Mexico the first thing you notice is that the currency is very different and also very similar to the money you use back home. These peso tips are brought to you by Mexican insurance for cars by, your Mexican Insurance for autos professionals who know how to save you a few pesos and still provide the best quality Mexican insurance for cars by! When shopping in Mexico, understanding the peso will land you great deals, or lead to the sucker of a lifetime for the merchant.

Below we’ve created a few tips to keep you off the traveling sucker list when shopping in Mexico. First off, the symbol for the peso is the \$\ just like the one used in the U.S.. To Mexico’s defense, they actually used the \$\ well before it was adopted in the States. This symbol can be a little confusing for those just starting to shop south of the border.

Fortunately, the actual value for a product in Mexico would be so ridiculously priced in terms of U.S. dollars that the pricing is more of a turn off than a turn on. Imagine paying $12 for a bottle of $1 water! The prices are actually the same with the $12 (MXN) = $1 (USD).

Next, we’ve always found it good practice to shop with the locals on essential items such as food and toiletries. Not only do locals know where some of the best restaurants and bars are, but they also are aware of the best places to spend money. By following the locals you really get the best of both worlds – great stuff for a great price.

Our final sucker saving tip when shopping in Mexico is to invest in a cheap currency converting calculator and don’t be afraid to whip it out when shopping. Also don’t buy Mexican Insurance for cars by at a border booth because the fees will be more expensive than purchasing online. We know it takes time to whip it out and enter in numbers, but its really only a little, teeny, tiny bit of time.

We also know that you’re on travel to not worry about spending. We also understand that local merchants may take advantage of your laziness and increase the prices on common items.

We want you to get the absolute best deals you can when you travel to Mexico, and one way to do this without stress is to mentally prepare for the change in currency. There are deals to be found, so prepare and having fun shopping.

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