Mexican Insurance For Cars and Spanish Language

If you are preparing to drive in Mexico, it’s helpful to have some basic information about driving vocabulary in Spanish. Fortunately, your Mexican insurance for cars provides your information in English so there won’t be any misunderstandings. Read about the differences between full coverage and liability only for Mexico car insurance so that you will be sure to better protect your family and your vehicle. Additionally, research travel options when researching insurance policies.

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Spanish terms for English speakers driving in Mexico

You will appreciate the fact that international signs and signals are pretty simple to recognize. A stop sign, for example, has the same form and color as in the United States. Alto, the Spanish word for stop, may grace the signs, but the meaning is clear. Similarly, yield signs, speed limit signs, and distance signs are easy to recognize. Traffic light colors are the same as well. Driving really isn’t all that difficult.

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Cuota is an important term, representing a toll. You pay your cuota when you enter a toll road, usually a few dollars. You can pay in dollars or pesos, and exchange rates are usually quite fair. A cuota road is usually maintained more thoroughly than a free road, and it can provide additional insurance coverage for the individual who carries a proper insurance policy. Failure to cover your car can leave you facing issues in the event of an accident. Choosing the free road can lead to some challenges as well. Mexican insurance for cars from Mexican Insurance Store includes roadside emergency coverage, you are more likely to avoid such emergencies by staying on the safer road.

Speed limits and distances

The numbering system for distance and velocity in Mexico involves metric measurements. Speed limits are posted in kilometers per hour. Distances are kilometers rather than miles. Velocidad is the Spanish word for speed, and you may see this posted on speed limit signs. Take time to verify that your odometer has metric markings, and if it doesn’t, make a few calculations so that you are ready to adjust when you drive. Your Mexico car insurance doesn’t cover speeding although you may receive legal assistance in the event of an accident. If you are stopped, be prepared to show your insurance policy to an officer. Coverage is mandatory in some areas, even if you aren’t involved in a wreck.

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