Mexican Insurance for Cars and La Paz

Are you looking for a vacation destination that provides both recreational and cultural options? La Paz, a city in Baja del Sur, is an excellent spot for enjoying the leisure activities of the beach. You can do these while being able to view museums, architectural sites, and ocean wildlife. With Mexican insurance for cars, it covers you as you head into Mexico. You can research your Mexico auto insurance online to make the best policy selection in advance. You will appreciate being able to bypass the border booths as you print your insurance policy prior to your travel date.

La Paz, Mexico

Getting to La Paz with Mexican auto insurance online

The most direct driving route to La Paz involves crossing into Mexico in Tijuana. This is one of the busiest border crossings, so be attentive as you go. Baja Norte mandates that all motorists have proper insurance coverage, and your Mexican insurance for cars should be in your vehicle. It’s always wise to carry duplicates of your Mexico auto insurance online with your luggage, handbag, or backpack so that you have your policy information on hand if something happens while you are out of the vehicle.

From Tijuana, you will head south on Mexican Highway 1. The drive to La Paz is approximately 916 miles, and it will take almost 17 hours of driving. The trip should be broken up over a few days so that you can enjoy the scenery and culture along the way. You’ll be able to enjoy coastal views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California as you make the drive. Mexican insurance for cars provides you with free roadside assistance if you experience car trouble along the way.

Things to see in La Paz

There are many beautiful beaches to enjoy in the area. Additionally, you will find opportunities to take boat tours and view dolphins, sea lions, and fish. Beachside shopping venues provide some fun, and museums and cathedrals provide historical background. If you need more time to see and do everything on your list, check your Mexico auto insurance online for time limits on your policy. You can also purchase extra insurance coverage if you want to stay longer.

Mexican insurance for cars at Mexican Insurance Store will get you to La Paz no problem!

  Mexican auto insurance online at Mexican Insurance

La Paz Mexico Scenery

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