Mexican Insurance for Canadians and Bringing the Kids to Mexico!

Three children in a car safety seat.

Traveling is a great way to introduce children to different cultures and exciting ways of life. No question visiting foreign countries broadens children’s horizons. Many parents hold off on bringing their kids overseas, though, due to the excessive expense of airfare. You can treat your kids to a Mexican vacation without spending too much money if you live in Canada. With a reliable vehicle, a little extra time, and top-notch Mexican insurance for Canadians from Mexican Insurance Store, you can introduce your kids to an exciting new country. Mexican Auto insurance for Canadians isn’t the only paperwork you will need. However, check below to learn about the extra things you’ll need to make it across the border.

Square Away Mexican Insurance for Canadians Before You Leave

You may learn that it is possible to buy Mexico insurance for Canadians at the border on certain websites. While this is true, it is not the best way to go. If you wait until you’re at the border to get your Mexican insurance for Canadians, you will have another wait. Besides, you won’t have the opportunity to compare and contrast policies. Buying online is faster, cheaper, and more manageable. Just select and print the policy, then tuck it safely away in your wallet and your car’s glove box—The Secret To Buying the Best Policy.

Passports for the Whole Family

You probably already know that you will need a passport to get into Mexico; you need one to get into the United States. The same thing goes for the kids – even for infants. Every single passenger in your vehicle needs to have a valid passport. Without one, a person could easily be denied entry to Mexico, which would throw a major kink into your plans. The intelligent thing to do is to bring along everyone’s passports and keep them in a single folder saved in a safe part of the vehicle.

Permission Notes

If you are traveling into Mexico with your kids – but without their other parent – you will need a notarized authorization note from that parent. The authorities will look to match up the names of each parent with the passports that they receive. If you are bringing a friend’s child into Mexico, you will need notarized authorization notes from both parents. Child abductions are severe problems at the border, so the authorities tend to be hyper-alert about verifying the identity of a child’s parents. It should be smooth sailing across the border once you’ve produced all of this information.

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