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Senor Mex says: It is so true that people are often misinformed about Mexican Insurance. As this article points out, people often assume that their regular auto insurance policies will keep them safe while they are south of the border. This is woefully untrue. This misconception can result in some very serious consequences. If you are involved in an automobile accident while you are in Mexico and don’t have insurance, you can expect to be taken away to jail. The law in Mexico treats everyone as being guilty until they are proven to be otherwise. For that reason, you can be taken to jail even if you are clearly not at fault. You will be detained until the cops can figure out what happened. Its much easier to simply hand them proof of adequate Mexican insurance. In that case, you will not be taken to jail.

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“One of the most important hunches travelers make is that their U.S. Auto insurance will cover them if they are tangled up in an accident in Mexico, and that is simply incorrect. The Mexican government will only recognize those corporations allowed to do business in Mexico, and under Mexican law, it is a transgression to not carry at least civil culpability insurance issued by a Mexican Insurance based insurer.”

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  • The mistake that most of us in the US make is to think that our US policy can still cover us while down South. I used to believe so, not until I got an accident that I realized that I was on my own. Take Mexican insurance for your own safety.

  • Lorretta Sebesta
    June 3, 2015 5:36 pm

    Car accident in Mexico has a greater impact than home accidents, which is why Mexico insurance should not be staying at home. Always go prepared with what is more essential when driving.

  • Marylyn Bridwell
    November 17, 2021 4:55 pm

    The type of your car and its cost have something to do with your Mexican auto insurance payment. Make sure you get the coverage that you only need to avoid paying in excess.

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