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Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance; Laws are Different in Mexico

Senor Mex says: This post hits the nail right on the head! People are often confused about the fact that their regular insurance policies are invalid down in Mexico. After all, you can drive in Canada with U.S.-based insurance and vise-versa. Why is it that the same isn’t true down in Mexico? The main reason is that the laws in Mexico are so different than they are in the U.S. and Canada. As this post points out, insurance laws in the U.S. and Canada are quite similar. It is not a big deal for a Canada-based insurance company to process claims for accidents that occur in the States. Cover your bases by always purchasing Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance The laws in Mexico are so different that the authorities cannot recognize U.S.- or Canada-based insurance. The best way to stay covered in Mexico is by purchasing Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Such a policy is drawn from a Mexican Insurance Company, so it is sure to be recognized by the appropriate authorities. Blast News Post

“Mexico asks the driver to gain nationally approved Mexican insurance. United States and Canada have laws auto insurance similar to each other. So, driving in different counties do not require special insurance. However, auto laws in Mexico are particularly different from those in the U.S. and Canada.”

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Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance
Laws are Different in Mexico!

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