Mexican Insurance and Tips for Women Traveling to Mexico!

In a perfect world, men and women would enjoy identical experiences when traveling around the world. However, the world isnt a perfect place. Although men and women are equal under the law in Mexico, special considerations need to be made by any woman who chooses to travel to Mexico, especially if she is traveling there alone. Whether you need to go there on a business trip, or if youre just heading down to enjoy a solo vacation, it pays to brush up on a few basic tips for staying safe. Youll find a few of the very best ones below!

Buy Mexican Insurance before You Go!

Driving in Mexico is straightforward enough. Your regular car insurance policy is invalid though, so you are going to need Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance A high quality Mexican auto insurance online policy will keep you out of jail in the event of an accident. Even if youre not at fault, the authorities could choose to detain you if you cant produce proof of Mexico car insurance. You can buy Mexican auto insurance online, so make sure to do so before you leave home.

Dress Appropriately

The best way to avoid any unwanted attention while youre in Mexico is by dressing conservatively. Mexico is a hot country, so youll probably want to dress in a way that keeps you cool. You can stay cool by wearing thin, loose layers of clothing; resist the urge to wear revealing clothes because they can lead to all kinds of unwanted attention.

Watch Out for Gabacheros

If you end up at a bar or club, youre sure to be approached by at least a few men. You need to be on the lookout for so called “gabacheros.” These are Mexican men who target foreign women in order to get free meals, free drinks and other things. Theres generally no harm in spending time with such men, but you need to be aware that they probably wont foot any of the bills.

Never Look Lost

Appearing to be lost is an invitation to others to approach you and interact with you. It also makes you look very vulnerable. If you get lost, dont wander aimlessly around. Always look like you know precisely where you are going. Head into a local store to get directions. Dont stand on the street and wait for help.

Ignore Catcalls

As youre walking around, you may receive catcalls from men. Resist the urge to yell back in anger; in fact, dont respond at all. The goal is to end the interaction as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to not engage the men who are doing the catcalling. Mexican insurance and tips for women traveling to Mexico!

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  • Lance Hassell
    October 6, 2021 5:56 pm

    The longer I wait, the more I crave to see Mexico. The thing that helped me was buying Mexican car insurance. So I’m happy now. My car insurance is here, and I can drive anytime I want to see Mexico.

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