Mexican Insurance and Common Sense when Driving in Mexico!

Just because you have a quality Mexican insurance policy doesnt mean you can do whatever you want to on or off the road. This type of coverage is designed to help you cover the financial responsibilities that are sure to develop in the wake of an accident; it is not designed to give you the authority to do whatever you want while you are in the country. There are still traffic laws to obey, and there are still limits to any policy. Make sure you keep this in mind throughout your visit to avoid any serious trouble.

Stay on the Road

It seems obvious enough, but Mexican auto insurance online or purchased at the border does not cover off road driving. Even if you own a vehicle that can go off road, you cant expect your policy to cover you if you end up in an accident while doing this kind of thing. The regular Mexico car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store that you buy is going to strictly cover everyday driving on normal roads. If you take your vehicle off the road, you cant expect the policy to cover you. You can avoid a lot of trouble by resisting the urge to drive off of the road.

Dont Drink and Drive

If you choose to drive while you are intoxicated, you void the terms of your Mexican insurance policy. This means that if youre involved in an accident and the authorities determine that you have been drinking, your insurance will no longer protect you. By driving while intoxicated, you are committing a crime. Any accidents that ensue from that point forward are not going to be covered by your policy. The same thing is usually true in the U.S. and Canada too, so its really not unusual.

Use Common Sense

You cant be expected to read and understand every single law about driving in Mexico before you visit. A good rule of thumb is that if its illegal in the U.S. or Canada, its probably illegal in Mexico too. Dont pass unless the signs indicate its okay to do so; do not tailgate people or do other aggressive things. Obey the posted speed limit at all times, even if other drivers are not. Above all else, be a defensive driver and dont assume that anyone else is paying attention. The best way to stay safe in Mexico is to watch out for accidents. Mexican auto liability insurance and common sense when driving in Mexico! To know more facts on accidents, simply click on URL.

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    October 12, 2021 5:56 pm

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